Fool Mother Nature! from Cynthia Nellis


  Your guide to women’s fashion…

10 Fashion Fixes to Turn Back Time

Nutrition, fitness and advanced cosmetic procedures may keep you well preserved far beyond the teen years.

But if you don’t keep up to date, your wardrobe will end up telling your true age.

Try these easy tips to make you look (and feel) younger:

1. It’s all about good jeans.
You don’t have to don the latest skinny jeans, but a nod to current trends shows you’re up to date.

Here’s what to look for in current jeans:
– A dark wash
– Slim legs
– Lower rise
– Bootcut jeans are always flattering

2. Wear a ponytail.
Young, playful, sassy. What more could you want for an instant facelift?

3. Shoes matter.
We’re all for comfort. But even upscale labels like Cole Haan include comfort options (their Nike Air heel inserts are heaven!), so there’s no reason to go around wearing white sneakers with everything.

4.The handbag is a dead giveaway.
Why schlep a matronly organizer bag when there are plenty of modern, roomy options on the market? If you need to pack heavy, try a high-end designer tote.

5. Wear a pretty dress.
Nothing is girlier than a feminine dress, especially when it features flirty details and shows off a bit of skin. Want more cover? Add a delicate wrap or a soft pastel cardigan.

6. Have some fun.
Remember how much fun it used to be to play dress up as a girl? Mismatch prints. Wear a loud color. Mix a punk bracelet with a preppy polo shirt. Shatter the myth that women of a “certain age” are supposed to be restrained.

7. Go long and lean.
Recapture the figure of your youth by using visual tricks to produce long, lean lines. Slim-cut jeans with a bootcut bottom, topped by a trim (not tight) top, finished off with high heel boots are a good start.

8. Follow a silly trend.
Go ahead — slip on footless tights or don a newsboy cap. If you try to keep up with every trend you’ll just end up looking like a fashion victim (this applies to every age). But following the occasional trend can jolt you out of the fashion doldrums.

9. Slick on flavored lip gloss.
No one will know but you and your sweetie, but it will definitely turn back the clock to those early teen years when this little bit of makeup made you feel so cool!

10. Get a lift.
Give Mother Nature a helping hand by using the right undergarments to lift, tuck and hold your way back into your high school figure.


Book Review……

by Katrina Tuy De Los Reyes

Once in a Promised Land chronicles the disintegration of a couple’s marriage in the turbulent days following 9/11. Jassim, a hydrologist and his wife Salwa left their native Jordan and came to America to fulfill their quintessential dreams. Yet their seemingly idyllic life in Tucson, Arizona begins to unravel as they face the repercussions of 9/11 in unexpected ways.

As they encounter racism and the harsh realities of being viewed as outsiders, Jassim and Salwa turn away from each other and begin to lead parallel lives. Jassim accidentally hits a teenage boy with his car and kills him. He keeps this secret from Salwa and finds a way to deal with his own grief; his “suspicious actions” lead to an unfounded FBI investigation that costs him his American dream. Salwa too keeps several secrets from Jassim: she becomes pregnant against her husband’s wishes and is then consumed by an eventual miscarriage. Her grief and despair causes her to succumb to the affections of a younger co-worker and causes her to question her purpose in America. By detailing their failing marriage amidst national turmoil, Laila Halaby deftly describes Jassim and Salwa’s isolation not only from American society but also from each other.

Once in a Promised Land by Laila Halaby

Once in a Promised Land is the story of a couple, Jassim and Salwa, who left the deserts of their native Jordan for those of Arizona, each chasing their own dreams of opportunity and freedom. Although the two live far from Ground Zero, they cannot escape the nationwide fallout from 9/11. Jassim, a hydrologist, believes passionately in his mission to keep the water tables from dropping and make water accessible to all people, but his work is threatened by an FBI witch hunt for domestic terrorists…

Movie Quotes

Top Ten Movie Quotes  

Compiled by Thor van Lingen

1   Use the Force, Luke! – Star Wars (1977)
2   Eat….My….Shorts! – The Breakfast Club (1985)
3   We’re gonna need a bigger boat. – Jaws (1975)
4   You talkin’ to me? – Taxi Driver (1976)
5   I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse. – The Godfather (1972)
6   I’ll be back! – The Terminator (1984)
7   Where does he get those wonderful toys? – Batman (1989)
8   Houston, we have a problem. – Apollo 13 (1995)
9   You can’t handle the truth! – A Few Good Men (1992)
10   If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits eighty-eight miles per hour…you’re gonna see some serious …. – Back To The Future (1985)

Can Indy do it again?

Can Indy do it again?

Has Harrison still got what it takes?

If we were slap bang in the middle of the 90s and Harrison Ford was gearing up to release another Indiana Jones flick, we would be thrilled.

After all, most of us have spent many a pleasant afternoon watching the hunky archaeologist chasing treasures all over the globe.

But here we are in 2007, with the actor reprising his role of adventure-seeking Indy for the fourth time at the ripe old age of 64, and we have to ask, will it be the same?

Fans have already started wondering whether the ageing actor is fit enough to play the handsome archaeologist again. He can put on the hat and pick up the whip, but can he still leap off buildings, race through tunnels and dodge the baddies?

And will he still charm us now that his youthful twinkle comes with wrinkles and greying hair?

Harrison isn’t the only one hopping back in time – Bruce Willis has squeezed himself back into the string vests he first fought the bad guys in 20 years ago in Die Hard and Sylvester Stallone has made another Rocky film.

Film journalist Hannah Patterson thinks cinemagoers will still flock to see 80s-style action flicks.

“They could appeal to people for nostalgic reasons. There is a certain audience who will go for these sorts of movies in a Dirty Dancing sort of way,” she says.

But she warns filmmakers will need to be careful with the way they present the material.

“If they take a tongue in cheek approach it would work but if they take themselves completely seriously they might not manage it,” she says.

“I have heard that they have been quite clever with Indiana Jones and will be playing it quite tongue in cheek which should work.”

She’s also convinced Harrison still has the right stuff.

“He is quite canny about it. In Six Days Seven Nights, the film he starred in with Anne Heche, he played an older guy and referenced that in the script which worked well,” she points out.

Out of the three leading men, Sylvester Stallone has probably been the farthest from the spotlight in recent years. So how will his latest flick fare? Is an ageing Sylvester dragging himself around a boxing ring he once danced round really something we want to see?

Hannah thinks the Rocky film might have the toughest job.

“However, to some extent they have got around it because the film acknowledges that the boxer is past it,” she adds.

Overall, Hannah believes there is still a place for the leading men and good guy/bad guy films of the 80s.

“If Clint Eastwood can do it…” she adds.

Co2 emissions and Smaller cars thwart Larger Greener Carpoolers

As families face pressure to place children up to the age of twelve in carseats as well as own small hybrid vehicles for environmental reasons, obesity projections dampen these ideas and the situation flies in the face of those who carpool to be greener. Taking turns running behind the cars could help combat obesity but would unfortunately expose the joggers to Co2 emissions. As pint size vehicles come into vogue, lifecoaches should stand by to carry those of us who ‘need’ to have bigger and bigger cars each year. Some of the issues at hand are likely to resolve themselves however as technological advances will eventually drive workplaces and classrooms home to virtual interactive offices, giving individuals fewer reasons to leave their pyjamas in the morning, thus reducing the need to have individual motorized transportation. Online shopping will escalate, delivering everything to the household door, except items like icebergs etc and delivery trucks will become the predominant road users. If my predictions are correct, couch potato –itis problems could multiply, along with its associated heath risks. Key beneficiaries of this future scenario will be firemen, talkback hosts, personal motivators, gardening teachers and cycle dealers.

Colliding Parrots

Bizarre mid-air collision for parrots in Kaziranga

Guwahati, Aug 23 (IANS) A bizarre phenomenon of parrots dying in mid-air
collisions in India’s northeastern state of Assam has foxed experts, with
forest rangers now adopting ingenious ways to stop the deaths.

A wildlife department official said at least 70 Slatey Headed Parakeets, a
parrot species, have died in the Kaziranga National Park, 220 km east of
Assam’s Guwahati city, in the past one week.

“We were informed by villagers about parrots plummeting from great heights
to the ground and dying instantly as they try to reach wetlands in the
sanctuary,” park ranger D.D. Boro told IANS by telephone.

“It seems the birds get confused in the air and collide with each on
approaching a high tension electric pole that exists on their flying route.”

The birds are not electrocuted, but then get disoriented on seeing the
electric tower, experts say.

“It remains a mystery as not a single bird found dead on the ground bore any
signs of electrocution,” another park ranger said.

“The phenomenon needs proper investigation, or else it could pose a threat
to other bird species in the park.”

Gleaned from an article by By Syed Zarir Hussain, Indo-Asian News Service

Not a Parrot apparently

I always thought my memory served me  reasonably well but its not always the case. It is Assaam and it is the 1960’s. And that there was a monsoon and I was two , that much is true and a door did slam on my little pinky, lopping off its top, thats true,  but I always remember a green parrot I was chasing but my mother now tells me there was no parrot. But but there was a parrot…I’ve seen it a thousand times in my dreams .  

The Predictameter

The Predictameter– ‘prosumers’ are now being used to predict whether a film is going to be a hit or not. ‘Prosumers’ are defined as a special group of customers who forecast the success or failure of a new movie…find out more on this one at

Pearlgirl Comment

On Fonterra Effluent into the Manawatu River : Who wants to swim in a toilet ?

On Boobs on Bikes – Auckland : Some countries around the world youare lucky if you see someoone’s nose let alone other extremities – are we New Zealanders’ ‘extremists’ by allowing such an open display. …we wouldn’t let children see porn on the net but we let it happen on our streets? Good on Dick Hubbard for opposing it.

On rates around NZ: When I read some poor pensioner was paying 1 /10th of their miniscule income on rates after a lifetime of hard slog – and that he was going to endure a $200 rise per year in the Wellington region…what kind of reward is that for a New Zealander at the end of his journey?

On Herceptin: I recently endured the threat of breast cancer when a lump was found and it was an extremely stressful wait for the benign results.(I kind of got a taste of what some folk have to go through and it was very scary, expensive and emotionally taxing) Woman dying of breast cancer need the hope of daffodils,Herceptin, chemo, as well as natural and spiritual healing.