Pearlgirl Comment

On Fonterra Effluent into the Manawatu River : Who wants to swim in a toilet ?

On Boobs on Bikes – Auckland : Some countries around the world youare lucky if you see someoone’s nose let alone other extremities – are we New Zealanders’ ‘extremists’ by allowing such an open display. …we wouldn’t let children see porn on the net but we let it happen on our streets? Good on Dick Hubbard for opposing it.

On rates around NZ: When I read some poor pensioner was paying 1 /10th of their miniscule income on rates after a lifetime of hard slog – and that he was going to endure a $200 rise per year in the Wellington region…what kind of reward is that for a New Zealander at the end of his journey?

On Herceptin: I recently endured the threat of breast cancer when a lump was found and it was an extremely stressful wait for the benign results.(I kind of got a taste of what some folk have to go through and it was very scary, expensive and emotionally taxing) Woman dying of breast cancer need the hope of daffodils,Herceptin, chemo, as well as natural and spiritual healing.


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