Co2 emissions and Smaller cars thwart Larger Greener Carpoolers

As families face pressure to place children up to the age of twelve in carseats as well as own small hybrid vehicles for environmental reasons, obesity projections dampen these ideas and the situation flies in the face of those who carpool to be greener. Taking turns running behind the cars could help combat obesity but would unfortunately expose the joggers to Co2 emissions. As pint size vehicles come into vogue, lifecoaches should stand by to carry those of us who ‘need’ to have bigger and bigger cars each year. Some of the issues at hand are likely to resolve themselves however as technological advances will eventually drive workplaces and classrooms home to virtual interactive offices, giving individuals fewer reasons to leave their pyjamas in the morning, thus reducing the need to have individual motorized transportation. Online shopping will escalate, delivering everything to the household door, except items like icebergs etc and delivery trucks will become the predominant road users. If my predictions are correct, couch potato –itis problems could multiply, along with its associated heath risks. Key beneficiaries of this future scenario will be firemen, talkback hosts, personal motivators, gardening teachers and cycle dealers.


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