Fool Mother Nature! from Cynthia Nellis


  Your guide to women’s fashion…

10 Fashion Fixes to Turn Back Time

Nutrition, fitness and advanced cosmetic procedures may keep you well preserved far beyond the teen years.

But if you don’t keep up to date, your wardrobe will end up telling your true age.

Try these easy tips to make you look (and feel) younger:

1. It’s all about good jeans.
You don’t have to don the latest skinny jeans, but a nod to current trends shows you’re up to date.

Here’s what to look for in current jeans:
– A dark wash
– Slim legs
– Lower rise
– Bootcut jeans are always flattering

2. Wear a ponytail.
Young, playful, sassy. What more could you want for an instant facelift?

3. Shoes matter.
We’re all for comfort. But even upscale labels like Cole Haan include comfort options (their Nike Air heel inserts are heaven!), so there’s no reason to go around wearing white sneakers with everything.

4.The handbag is a dead giveaway.
Why schlep a matronly organizer bag when there are plenty of modern, roomy options on the market? If you need to pack heavy, try a high-end designer tote.

5. Wear a pretty dress.
Nothing is girlier than a feminine dress, especially when it features flirty details and shows off a bit of skin. Want more cover? Add a delicate wrap or a soft pastel cardigan.

6. Have some fun.
Remember how much fun it used to be to play dress up as a girl? Mismatch prints. Wear a loud color. Mix a punk bracelet with a preppy polo shirt. Shatter the myth that women of a “certain age” are supposed to be restrained.

7. Go long and lean.
Recapture the figure of your youth by using visual tricks to produce long, lean lines. Slim-cut jeans with a bootcut bottom, topped by a trim (not tight) top, finished off with high heel boots are a good start.

8. Follow a silly trend.
Go ahead — slip on footless tights or don a newsboy cap. If you try to keep up with every trend you’ll just end up looking like a fashion victim (this applies to every age). But following the occasional trend can jolt you out of the fashion doldrums.

9. Slick on flavored lip gloss.
No one will know but you and your sweetie, but it will definitely turn back the clock to those early teen years when this little bit of makeup made you feel so cool!

10. Get a lift.
Give Mother Nature a helping hand by using the right undergarments to lift, tuck and hold your way back into your high school figure.


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