Brave or grave new world?

Brave new world or grave new world ? As we hurtle towards being a high-tech society who appear to be moving forward we will in fact will be standing still as the world comes to us. The ever-increasing online shopping, work from home scenarios will immobilize many as will the petrol crisis, isolating millions . And in this isolation many will turn to spirituality as well as work towards living off the grid and off the land. Smaller easily accessible societies will emerge, with mega- size community centres gaining popularity for bringing people together for all manner of reasons.

We let the dogs out

Do we have dangerous animals in N.Z ? Yes – but they are human aren't they – its like nature has overcompensated by allowing creatures to evolve amongst us that parade as one of us but are in fact animals who pounce on the innocent, given the statistics for such attacks. These are the dogs that need to be micro-chip monitored and they are the slimebags that need washing down and wringing out after an outing. We worry about our pet dogs but wouldn't dare to predetermine animalistic human movements, would we ?

Hello world!

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